Support Contracts

Tailored to your needs, our support contracts cover hardware, software, server, desktop user and networking. The cost of our support contracts are very competitive and come in various sizes to meet all needs. For a competitive quote please call us on 0131 510 0360

Tailored to your needs, our support contracts cover hardware, software, server, desktop user and networking.

really good computer services support contracts provide you with Telephone Support and Remote Access between 08:30 and 18:00 Monday to Friday (with the exception of Bank and other public holidays) so that we can quickly diagnose faults in your hardware and software.

Our Help Desk will log your call and give you a unique reference number to use throughout the life-cycle of the fault, ensuring a streamlined service from initial reporting to resolution.

In addition:

  • You can extend that cover to our out of hours service if required at an additional cost.
  • Where faults cannot be resolved by phone or remote access, we can provide on-site support as and when required outwith the contract.

Our efficient two-tier system works as follows:

First Line Support is provided by the Help Desk which:

  • Logs all calls and assigns a unique reference number to each one
  • Assigns a priority to each call based on the category of the fault
  • Offers professional solutions & friendly advice within a 15 min window
  • Proactively manages the response and resolution of calls
  • Keeps the client informed regarding the status of outstanding calls
  • Produces a report showing the call details, including resolution time

Second Line Support is provided by our in-house technical staff who:


  • Receive calls referred by the Help Desk requiring their expertise
  • Respond to the fault within the allotted time for the category of fault
  • Involve third-party technical staff in the resolution of the fault when appropriate
  • Keep the Help Desk fully informed on the status of the fault

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