We have been helping our clients for over 15 years…

Our strongest selling point is our commitment to our jobs, and our guaranteed response times.

We have a knowledge base built upon 15 years of experience, a great asset in pinpointing problems, finding solutions and streamlining operations.

We have a team of friendly, approachable and highly trained professionals in house, whether you require assistance setting up your emails, or are planning a server room migration, you will find us willing to help and ready to give assistance.

We are happy to take on small jobs, long term projects or permanent support contracts.

Based in central Scotland our team of computer specialists cover everything you need –

  • Professional solutions & friendly advice
  • Reliable small to medium business pc support
  • Support contracts
  • Installation & upgrades
  • Hardware & software maintenance
  • Networking & Wi Fi
  • Data backups & internet security
  • Email & website hosting
  • Website design & eCommerce site build
  • Digital surveillance
  • Video conferencing
  • Free quotes

Please contact us for more information on 0131 510 0360

Company Ethos

really good computer services has a clearly defined set of values and beliefs, which sum up our raison d’etre and underpin all our activities. We are proud of our company values and are committed to delivering them consistently.

Our Values

Client focused: We are committed to understanding the changing needs of our clients and our business will evolve in accordance with their requirements.

Pride: We are proud of our company and take great pride in a job well done.

Respect for the environment: We care deeply about achieving a sensitive and sustainable balance between the needs of the environment and man.

Dependability: Our clients can depend on us to deliver our promise, every time.

Delivering value for money: We understand what constitutes true value for money for our clients and ensure they always receive it from really good computer services.


Our Vision

Quite simply, we want to help our clients prosper and achieve their aims through the provision of robust, informed advice and implemented services.

Our Mission

Is to provide an IT service that has all the feel of employing a dedicated member of staff, but without the high financial cost.

Each week we bring you the latest tech news and tips that may relate to your business, re-written in an techy free style. 

China To Stop Selling Fossil Fuel Cars

The world’s largest auto market, China, is reportedly planning to ban the sale of diesel and petrol vehicles to help tackle pollution and to develop the market for electric and hybrid vehicles. Near Future China’s vice-minister of industry and information technology,...
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WhatsApp For Business Announced

It has been announced that a standalone ‘for business’ version of Facebook’s WhatsApp messaging platform will soon be made available. WhatsApp Business Although many businesses have used WhatsApp for communications with customers, suppliers and other stakeholders, the...
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Google Drive To Be Replaced With Drive File Stream

Google has announced on its blog that it will be replacing Google Drive with a new (and less bandwidth and hard-disk space-hungry) desktop app called Drive File Stream. What Is Google Drive? Google Drive has been Google’s file storage and synchronization service for...
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44 Million UK People Possibly Affected by Equifax Hack

US Credit Rating Company Equifax was hacked last Friday with 143 million customer details stolen, 44 million of which may have come from UK customers. Largest Hack The hack, which many experts believe is the largest in US history, is thought to have happened after...
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AI Can Tell Your Sexuality From A Photograph

An AI algorithm developed by researchers at Stanford University has been able to identify men and women as gay or straight just by studying photographs, with up to 91% accuracy. Why? The study by Stanford’s Michal Kosinski and Yilun Wang used AI to test a theory that...
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Tech Tip : Use The Action Centre To Customise Settings

Windows 10 offers you the chance to customise settings without having to go to the settings panel by using a one-stop shop called the action centre. The action centre allows you to see notifications for what’s happening with apps and other programs across your device....
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Microsoft and Amazon Join Forces For Voice First (AI) Dominance

It has been reported that since May of last year, Microsoft and Amazon have been working in partnership to enable their respective AI digital assistants ‘Cortana’ and ‘Alexa’ to work together. What Does This Mean? In short, this partnership should mean that some of...
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CEX Hacked – Two Million Customer Details Stolen

The  second-hand electronics and video game store CEX have reportedly been hacked, and as many as two million customer details may have been stolen. What Happened? Hackers breached online security for CEX’s WeBuy.com online shop and were able to steal two million...
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New 400GB MicroSD Card

SanDisk's parent company ‘Western Digital’ has announced at the 'IFA 2017' in Berlin that it is launching the world's largest storage capacity (400GB) microSD card. What Is MicroSD Card? A microSD card is a small (fingernail size or less) removable flash memory card...
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Six UK Regions Get Full Fibre Broadband Trials

The UK government has announced the six regions of the UK that will host trials of full fibre broadband for businesses, schools and hospitals as part of a £200m scheme by the Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport (DCMS). Which Six Regions? The DCMS has...
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