We have been helping our clients for over 15 years…

Our strongest selling point is our commitment to our jobs, and our guaranteed response times.

We have a knowledge base built upon 15 years of experience, a great asset in pinpointing problems, finding solutions and streamlining operations.

We have a team of friendly, approachable and highly trained professionals in house, whether you require assistance setting up your emails, or are planning a server room migration, you will find us willing to help and ready to give assistance.

We are happy to take on small jobs, long term projects or permanent support contracts.

Based in central Scotland our team of computer specialists cover everything you need –

  • Professional solutions & friendly advice
  • Reliable small to medium business pc support
  • Support contracts
  • Installation & upgrades
  • Hardware & software maintenance
  • Networking & Wi Fi
  • Data backups & internet security
  • Email & website hosting
  • Website design & eCommerce site build
  • Digital surveillance
  • Video conferencing
  • Free quotes

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Company Ethos

really good computer services has a clearly defined set of values and beliefs, which sum up our raison d’etre and underpin all our activities. We are proud of our company values and are committed to delivering them consistently.

Our Values

Client focused: We are committed to understanding the changing needs of our clients and our business will evolve in accordance with their requirements.

Pride: We are proud of our company and take great pride in a job well done.

Respect for the environment: We care deeply about achieving a sensitive and sustainable balance between the needs of the environment and man.

Dependability: Our clients can depend on us to deliver our promise, every time.

Delivering value for money: We understand what constitutes true value for money for our clients and ensure they always receive it from really good computer services.


Our Vision

Quite simply, we want to help our clients prosper and achieve their aims through the provision of robust, informed advice and implemented services.

Our Mission

Is to provide an IT service that has all the feel of employing a dedicated member of staff, but without the high financial cost.

Each week we bring you the latest tech news and tips that may relate to your business, re-written in an techy free style. 

New Law Tackles Digital Ticket Touts

The UK Government has announced that cyber touts caught using specialised software called ‘bots’ to purchase tickets in bulk for re-sale at inflated prices on secondary websites, could soon face unlimited fines. Bots Ban This Year The UK Government stated at the end...

New macOS Too Secure?

The new security called 'System ‘Integrity Protection' (SIP) behind macOS High Sierra is proving so secure that it appears to be stopping users from being able to delete (third-party) apps with ease. What’s The Issue? The process behind the SIP was first introduced to...

OnePlus Accused Of Credit Card Fraud

Chinese Android Phone company OnePlus is at the centre of a storm of complaints after many customers said that their credit cards had been used for fraudulent transactions after they purchased products from the OnePlus web store. What Happened? After receiving...

Ford Doubles Investment in Electric Cars

The Ford Motor Co has announced its plans to more than double its previously announced target of $4.5 billion investment in electric cars to $11 billion by 2022, and the company is aiming to have 40 mainstream, hybrid and fully electric vehicles in its model line-up....

Licence Plate Recognition-1 Million Mistakes a Day!

Concerns over the possible misreading of hundreds of thousands of vehicle licence plates each day have led to calls for statutory regulation of the UK’s automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) system. Over 1 Million Mistakes Per Day! The ANPR system uses 9,000 ANPR...

Tech Tip – Windows 10: “Print” Documents Straight To PDF

Windows 10 finally lets you “print” documents to PDF, which means that you no longer need to install a third-party app to save a web page or document for use offline. You can now simply select PDF as a printing output option. To Print to PDF in Windows 10: Open up...

All iPhones, iPads and Macs Affected by 2 Major Bugs

wo major security flaws which are present in nearly all modern processors / microchips mean that most computerised devices are potentially vulnerable to attack, including all iPhones, iPads and Macs. What Security Flaws? The 2 hardware bugs / flaws in nearly all...

‘Ripple’ Takes Second Place To Bitcoin

As investors look for alternatives to the volatile bitcoin bubble, crypto-currency Ripple has become the second most valuable virtual cash system, followed by ethereum and litecoin. Bitcoin Bubble Fear Means Ripple Looks Attractive The media has been full of reports...

Dodgy Apps in Google Play

Security researchers have discovered 36 fake and malicious apps for Android that can harvest your data and track your location, masquerading as security tools in the trusted Google Play Store. Hidden The 36 malicious apps were, on the surface, the kind of security...

Cloud Companies The Next Big Target For Ransomware

The latest Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Review has predicted that ransomware targeting cloud services will be one of the biggest cyber-crime threats of this year. What Is Ransomware? Ransomware is a form of malware that typically encrypts important...