We have been helping our clients for over 15 years…

Our strongest selling point is our commitment to our jobs, and our guaranteed response times.

We have a knowledge base built upon 15 years of experience, a great asset in pinpointing problems, finding solutions and streamlining operations.

We have a team of friendly, approachable and highly trained professionals in house, whether you require assistance setting up your emails, or are planning a server room migration, you will find us willing to help and ready to give assistance.

We are happy to take on small jobs, long term projects or permanent support contracts.

Based in central Scotland our team of computer specialists cover everything you need –

  • Professional solutions & friendly advice
  • Reliable small to medium business pc support
  • Support contracts
  • Installation & upgrades
  • Hardware & software maintenance
  • Networking & Wi Fi
  • Data backups & internet security
  • Email & website hosting
  • Website design & eCommerce site build
  • Digital surveillance
  • Video conferencing
  • Free quotes

Please contact us for more information on 0131 510 0360

Company Ethos

really good computer services has a clearly defined set of values and beliefs, which sum up our raison d’etre and underpin all our activities. We are proud of our company values and are committed to delivering them consistently.

Our Values

Client focused: We are committed to understanding the changing needs of our clients and our business will evolve in accordance with their requirements.

Pride: We are proud of our company and take great pride in a job well done.

Respect for the environment: We care deeply about achieving a sensitive and sustainable balance between the needs of the environment and man.

Dependability: Our clients can depend on us to deliver our promise, every time.

Delivering value for money: We understand what constitutes true value for money for our clients and ensure they always receive it from really good computer services.


Our Vision

Quite simply, we want to help our clients prosper and achieve their aims through the provision of robust, informed advice and implemented services.

Our Mission

Is to provide an IT service that has all the feel of employing a dedicated member of staff, but without the high financial cost.

Each week we bring you the latest tech news and tips that may relate to your business, re-written in an techy free style. 

Age Checks To View Porn To Be Compulsory

The Digital Economy Act, which comes into force in nine months, will mean that those trying to view pornography on any commercial website or online platform available people in the UK could face a compulsory age check. What Is The Digital Economy Act? The Digital...
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Samsung Phones Recycled For Gold & Other Precious Metals

An announcement on the Korean website of Samsung indicates that it plans to recover and re-use components, and recycle precious materials from its stock of Galaxy Note 7 smartphones, the production of which was stopped last October after incidents of some phones...
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Australia To Introduce Own Version of ‘Snooper’s Charter’

Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull is reportedly seeking to introduce a law that will force technology companies to give law enforcement agencies access to encrypted messages. Like the UK Investigatory Powers Act The proposed law is to be introduced with the...
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Paid Content ‘Fast Lanes’ Possible As US Rules May Be Removed

The possible scrapping of a 2015 net neutrality order in the US has led to a group of major technology firms, including Alphabet Inc and Facebook, challenging the U.S. Federal Communications Commission on the grounds that it could lead to paid "fast lanes” for web...
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AI Growth – A Risk To Human Civilisation

In a recent meeting with the National Governors Association, the US bi-partisan body dealing with state and national public policy and governance, Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk reportedly described ‘Artificial Intelligence’ (AI) as a "fundamental risk to the...
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Tech Tip : Stop Default Microsoft Edge

In Windows 10, the Microsoft Edge Browser has a habit of trying to open everything as the default app. You can stop this from happening. To stop this, and to be able to re-assign your own defaults for many different services and applications: Open Settings and go to...
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Smart Pest Control System Outsmarts Rats

A smart new system from Swedish company Anticimex is now using smart technology to bring pest control into the 21st century by tracing rats and revealing vital information about where they converge or nest. Used To Be Manual Like many companies in that industry...
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US Laptop Bans Lifted on Kuwait Airways and Royal Jordanian

After security inspections of Kuwait Airways by US officials and the implementation of new security measures for US-bound flights by Royal Jordanian, the two carriers were allowed to lift the ban on laptops. What Ban? Back in March, the UK and US governments...
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40% Of London Public Transport Customers Now Using Contactless Cards

The latest Transport for London (TfL) figures show that 40% of public transport customers in London are paying for their journeys with contactless payment cards. This represents a 25% increase in contactless use for all journeys since last year and the convenience and...
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Unlimited Streaming Deals Contributing To Piracy

As Three becomes the first network provider in the UK to launch a tariff that lets its customers use unlimited streaming services without it affecting their monthly data allowance, some media commentators are concerned that more streaming services of this kind could...
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