really good computer services provide dedicated and bespoke server solutions to allow you to host your website or application in a way that suits your business.

We are able to provide professionally set up and optimised Linux or windows based servers and have close ties to a local ISP to provide you with 3 to 300 Mb/ps bandwidth which will satisfy even the largest of eCommerce solutions.

As well as helping you get the most out of your machine in terms of speed – without compromising security – we can offer bespoke offsite hosting, co-location and remote server solutions enabling data protection and recovery and remote office connectivity

  • Standard email and website hosting package
  • Enterprise dedicated server packages

Standard email and website hosting

What we do:
Provide email and website hosting on a carbon neutral server in a secure Edinburgh based data centre.

Why choose us:

Our servers provide scalable ASP and PHP website hosting coupled with a no nonsense email solution, with spam filtering (package add on*). Regular security updates are installed automatically keeping your data safe and insuring the server is in tip top condition. We provide a 365 day 24/7 server monitoring solution to make sure that your website is available.


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