If you don’t like the fact that you have “Sent from Mail for Windows 10” at the end of your emails, and / or if you’d like to personalise / customise your signature, or simply turn the signature function off, here’s how.

Change / Customise the Signature:

Launch your Widows 10 mail app.

From the list of options, click Signature.

Customize your Windows 10 Mail signature.

If you have more than one email account configured, select the account you’d like to change from the drop-down list.

To apply the same custom email signature to all accounts, check the box labeled ‘Apply to all accounts’.

At the foot of the Signature Settings window, click inside the signature box.

Delete the default “Sent from Mail for Windows 10” signature.

Type in what you would like instead (you can add multiple lines by pressing the Enter key to create a new line).

Hit the back arrow at the top of the Settings window to close it.

Disable the Windows 10 Mail Signature:

Go to Mail > Settings > Signature.

Set the option Use an email signature to Off.