If you spend a lot of time at your work computer, one way to feel better while you work is to at least have a theme that makes YOU feel good. You don’t have to accept just the selection of themes that Windows 10 gives you, you can create your own! Here’s how:

Put your own favourite wallpapers into a folder (right click in file explorer > New > New folder, then name your folder).

Create a new theme i.e. re-save an existing one or edit the “Unsaved theme” (if there is one), then select the theme that you’ve just made, or the ‘Unsaved Theme’ you already had.

Click on the ‘Desktop Background’ option in the bottom of the window.

In the new window, select your preferred theme settings.

Click the ‘Browse’ button and select the folder filled with your wallpapers.

Go back to the “Personalization” window, save your theme